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Doc S

A friend of ours is a surgeon in one of the public hospitals. We all work in different fields, but he has the most insane and entertaining stories. I have to say that I have huge respect for doctors, but not all of them are good. He is one of the good ones, but does deal with a lot of nut cases. I will be posting some of his less graphic stories, some of them are just very shocking. We were talking about the trend of plastic surgery these days, and it seems a lot of women are willing to go under the knife. Then were talking about plastic surgery and this is how the conversation went:

Me: “So how are plastic surgeons in Kuwait?”

Doc S: “There are some really good ones, but in specific places”

Me: “So what can you do as a surgeon usually?”

Doc S: “I will turn you into a SPARTAN!”

The Guys: “Where do we sign up??!?! hahahaha”