Our Sultan Visit

I haven’t been to Sultan Center Salmiya for over 8 years now, I think since Souq Sharq opened up I just go there to avoid the traffic. This time after the Ironman movie we wanted to have another bbq, and we were just exiting Fanar at 6:45 pm. We crossed the street to Sultan Center, we only need to pick up about 2 dozen buns and some minced meat from the butcher.

When you have 6 guys walking into Sultan Center, things don’t usually go as planned. I remembered why I wasn’t the best person for shopping in this type of environment, we went in for one thing and came out with it and a few other items. I forgot about all the cereals that I loved as after getting the meat and buns, I picked up some Coco Puffs, Rice Krispies, and Honey Smacks. I even tried picking up some dumb bells but nibaq kept throwing the dumb bells out of the cart, maybe he was right. I also picked up some Tang, and we were headed in different directions. Then we parked the cart at the escalator and headed upstairs which held a lot of childhood memories, toy section in Sultan was like a Gold Mine. I picked up about 7 pens and another pack of pens since I had lots of pens in my cup at home but most of them were nonfunctional, I even picked up a few tools. By the time we left we had a cart full of things, and still fun to slide on the cart down the isle.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Now that is how you eat a bowl of Smacks! 3awafi! Now I’m craving a bowl like that here at work!

  2. Q80 In Denver

    Marzouq .. you need a deeper bowl :p

  3. You like smacks? weren’t they once-upon-a-time called honey smackers or something… or am i just making up a cereal in my head? Either way.. I second Q80 in denver.. you need a deepr bowl… I love Sultan Center…!!

  4. Rice Krispies are AMAZING! You’re just a big kid at heart haha

  5. marzouuuuuq!!! what is this bowl?? that is not a bowl for corn-flackes my brother is a corn-flackes expert … bottom line is u need a new bowl for corn-flacks and i love honey smacks

  6. K… I found Captain Crunch last time I was in Sultan – Sharq (last week)

  7. Thanks! Are they the blueberry kind? Thats the only thing we found at Salmiya.

  8. whatever

    Captn Crunch – order counter in Sultan Center, usually they look for it in kuwait and bring it in for you within a couple of days only.

  9. I think I saw the original and the choco ones!

  10. Stallion: Its good!

    Q80 In Denver: I have two or three servings so I’m ok! lol

    Hamitaf: Yeah, they were called Honey Smacks before! A few servings rather then a big bowl! lol

    pearls: Not me! Never liked them!

    Ansam: alah e3afeech!

    K: wonder where they have them!

    ananyah: looool!

    Laialy: Nope, it does the job! People leave my bowl alone! lol

    Ansam: interesting! We should look there!

    K: time to go on a search!

    whatever: cool

    Ansam: cool!

    Jewaira: hmmmmmm Tang has history with me! lol

    The M Code: nope, I like it crunchy!

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