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Our Sultan Visit

I haven’t been to Sultan Center Salmiya for over 8 years now, I think since Souq Sharq opened up I just go there to avoid the traffic. This time after the Ironman movie we wanted to have another bbq, and we were just exiting Fanar at 6:45 pm. We crossed the street to Sultan Center, we only need to pick up about 2 dozen buns and some minced meat from the butcher.

When you have 6 guys walking into Sultan Center, things don’t usually go as planned. I remembered why I wasn’t the best person for shopping in this type of environment, we went in for one thing and came out with it and a few other items. I forgot about all the cereals that I loved as after getting the meat and buns, I picked up some Coco Puffs, Rice Krispies, and Honey Smacks. I even tried picking up some dumb bells but nibaq kept throwing the dumb bells out of the cart, maybe he was right. I also picked up some Tang, and we were headed in different directions. Then we parked the cart at the escalator and headed upstairs which held a lot of childhood memories, toy section in Sultan was like a Gold Mine. I picked up about 7 pens and another pack of pens since I had lots of pens in my cup at home but most of them were nonfunctional, I even picked up a few tools. By the time we left we had a cart full of things, and still fun to slide on the cart down the isle.