Breakfast Drive

Early friday morning, I woke up to my phone ringing and I knew that I had to get up. K, Monichum, and a few others called me to get up, so I called a few other people trying to make sure they wake up as well for a good breakfast. We didn’t know exactly where we were heading, but it was a beautiful day and we had to get up. We decided to meet in the city since we had to pick up a few people and ended up with 7 people, a few wouldn’t wake up to their phones ringing. Met up with K, and we took off to the City to meet up with Monichum and a few other people, then we went to Qurtoba and kidnapped one guy from his home.

As soon as we got going we were flying to Al Koot Mall for a change, we were enjoying our drive and the empty highways. A little street racing was taking place after we filled up the gas tanks down Malik Fahad Highway, it is fun to drive in Kuwait as long as the streets are empty. Our main plan revolved around seeing Ironman that day, we were all looking forward to it. There was also the boat show, but I just wasn’t sure of the dates or when it was opening since it was delayed due to the dust storms.

We go to Al Koot Mall in record time, there were some corners that you couldn’t help but drift through them. The streets of Kuwait are fun as long as its empty, it was pretty cool that day as well so it wasn’t too hot outside. We got to Al Koot and had breakfast at Paul’s cafe since their weren’t too many breakfast places there that we knew off. At that point we were planning our day and what time we were meeting up for the movie and other plans for the night.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Jewaira

    الله يحفظكم

    It was a beautiful day.

  2. zahed

    ok everyone guess who is driving ITS DA3AAAM

  3. u should had ur breakfast at cafe supreme`

  4. Seeems Like you guys had a nice day! Whenever im at marina cresent on weekend mornings i’m always looking out for ur bike… LOL

  5. Purgatory

    cars, cars, cars, so many car pics, even as close as to show their pee pees!

  6. woah makes a change seeing your car, its hawt… love that color blue!

  7. You forget to remove the numbers of the white car (6th picture from bottom)

  8. agree kuwait streets are nice when they are empty, but then there is always an idiot to ruin your day. I was in fahaheel I dropped a friend at the hotel then headed back to mishref, on the way out of fahaheel, streets were empty, then an idiot comes from behind and starts speeding, he passed me to the round about, started doing donuts in the round about, dunno what exactly was in his empty coconut, trying to impress me or something, or race, i dunno, I wasn’t willing to race him anyway. Then the idiot stops at the roundabout after doing millions of donuts, I decided to pass him since it was 5am and I wasn’t planning to stay there all day, once I got in the roundabout, the monkey continues his donuts and he was like 0.00000001cm away from me when he did that, he almost crashed my car. Yeah, i love kuwait streets.

  9. Looks like a nice day to be out driving some nice cars!

    Tim ;)

  10. Sexy cars, I was expecting you guys to show up for the Boat Show sometime ;P

  11. Very clean cars, considering the weather and all.

    And yeah Cafe Supreme is like the best thing ever. Try it next time.

  12. Jewiara: very!

    zahed: loool!

    vampire: Never tried it before!

    Rashisha: Very fun day! Looool! I’m usually around there!

    Purg: looool

    ananyah: Happy you like the color!

    Hasan B: 6aaf! lol

    mraziz: what an idiot! Nut cases come out in the early morning!

    Tim: Very nice day!

    Salah: Come back soon! lol

    Jacqui: We were there for a bit!

    Angelo: Will try it!

  13. NICE all the cars are sooooo clean
    Question: Were is your front license plate?

  14. Laialy: All clean! I don’t have one yet! lol

    Tim: Not really into knives, those are some very nice ones! :)

  15. Thanks.

    Realise they are not for everyone!

    Godd if you are in to hunting, fishing, camping.

    Nice cars here…wish I still had my Porsche. Have to make do with my wife’s Lexus!

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