For $7900 you can be a proud owner of a life size Battle Star Gallactica Cylon. I have been waiting to watch Battle Star Gallactica, I have the DVDs and the shows, but I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet. I just keep hearing about how good it is, I haven’t even watched it and I have been a fan of it. Now this statue is just too cool, I wonder how freaky it is seeing it a night in a pitch black room.

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  1. what do u do after u have the life size figure?

  2. I want to paint the top part pink and the bottom part purple and hang my jewelry on him… and only for the small price of $7900!! YAAY!!

  3. Hamitaf! You turned him into GAYllactica Cylon!

  4. Not Dead Yet

    LOL! ‘7osh ga66a

    Dude Battlestar Galactica is by far one of THE best shows ever I have seen and I’ve seen my fair share of shows.

    Just don’t forget to watch it in this order:
    1. Miniseries
    2. Season 1
    3. Season 2
    4. Webisodes: The Resistance
    5. Season 3
    6. Razor (TV Movie)
    7. Webisodes: Razor Flashbacks
    8. Season 4 (On-going now and the series finale)

    This show will rock ur world, ra7 y’7aleek tangid 3ala all space dramas. It’s basically “Terminator” in space. I know that sounds weak but you won’t believe how intense it is.

  5. rashsiha: There is nothing to do, you have at as part of your movie memorabilia!

    Hamitaf: Hell No!

    Ansam: loool!

    Not Dead Yet: Thank you very much for the breakdown, now I’m think I’m going to start watching it, I have the miniseries, so I will start with that! And I have the rest, but where do I find the webisodes?

  6. Not Dead Yet

    The webisodes can be found in a lil’ ol’ place called mininova, search and thou shall find!

  7. Not Dead Yet: lol, thanks will be getting it!

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