Review: Madonna Hard Candy

I knew Madonna was going to release another album but I wasn’t too hyped up about it, I knew it was supposed to be good, there wasn’t too much hype about it. After listening to the CD several times now, I think that its one of her best Albums yet, and there is a reason for that. Timbaland, Kanye West, and Pharrel are involved in the production of the songs, as well as participation from them in the songs and including Justin Timberlake. Hard Candy is just a compilation of music which has taken it to a different level, very unique songs, amazing beats, and keeps you going. I still have the CD on repeat after a week now and I still haven’t gotten remotely bored. Now there is that Madonna concert by the end of this year that is probably going to be packed even faster because of this album.

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  1. im still not sure about her album, I listed to a few songs and I hate madonna’s voice

  2. i saw the 4 mins vid .. madona and justin!!
    she is AMAZING!!! and how can she still dance like that @@
    heheheheh i just love her.

  3. I never was and never will be a fan of madonna… her body freaks me out … BUT i have to admit… I like this album…

  4. I never liked Madonna but beats by Timbaland and Pharrell get me listening.

  5. I think this album is really her comeback in the music industry. I guess just like Justin and Nelly Furtado; they really own Timbaland a big one…but then again, he’s already freaking rich.

  6. jewaira

    Madonna is amazing

    But people have always been of two minds towards her. More here

    Justin and Madonna

  7. Ananyah: Its good… thats it!

    no3ik: Her dancing is amazing!

    Hamitaf: Im not a fan of her, but her music is pretty good!

    Jacqui: its damn good!

    Angelo: He just makes people sound better!

    eshda3wa: lol

    Jewaira: Link blocked by Qnet! They block tabloids!

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