2008 BMW M1 Homage Concept

There is something that I really liked about the old concept cars, you really feel that these designers were trying to figure out what the future car industry would be like. One of those cars was the BMW M1, I thought it was a cool mid-engine car, and they sold a number of those cars, it was a special driver that would appreciate this type of car.

Now they have come up with the M1 Homage Concept, I have no clue if they are going to be build this machine, but there is something I really like about it, I really don’t like the rims but it looks like a car of superhero.

Link: SeriousWheels

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  1. Amazing I like it :P but it seems its only a concept at the moment ><

  2. moocherx

    that looks AMAZING…

    …although when I saw the 2nd pic (close up of the front) I immediately thought of an “orange angry pig” for some reason.

  3. Sim Simma, who got da keys to my Beema…

    Doesn’t look feasible that this gets out of the concept phase…

  4. q8ya

    its very smooth and nice but i think they have to change the headlights they are very tiny, but all in all its a pretty cool car ;)

  5. nasser

    not bad but still it’s not an R8

  6. car is hot, and ur right, it does look like a superhero car!

  7. SoS

    woah! mean looking cars…..!

  8. Totally a superhero car that I would paint purple to match my superhero outfit :)

  9. too much angels and looks too big

    it’s just another lamborghini countach

  10. G: most probably!

    moocherx: loool!

    q80saracen: Not sure what they decide!

    q8ya: nice!

    nasser: who said anything about an R8?!?

    ananyah: lol!

    SoS: yup

    Hamitaf: Whats up with the purple?!?

    vampire: nooooo

  11. Something like a car that Batman would drive or the Joker ;P

  12. Yeah, it does look “angry” :O

  13. not bad at all, but yeah the rims aren’t that good, and its not that slick… could be better!

  14. Jacqui: Not Joker, paint it black and Batman would drive it!

    3baid: yup!

    N: Has a unique look to it!

  15. LethalShock

    100 better than lamborghini

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