Ironman Bust

I have always been a fan of Ironman, and other Marvel Comic characters, mostly all comic characters, especially the interesting superheros who have flaws. Right now Ironman the movie has got my blood going, and as I was browsing through the slideshow website, I stumbled upon this life size bust. Its is th realistic size of the top half of Ironman’s armor and I am really thinking about getting this and placing it on a mantel of some sort, I don’t care where I place it but I have to it, what do you guys think? Oh and the eyes glow.

Price: $699

Link: SideShow

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  1. Eddy

    damn!!u should definitely get it……and then take it of the mantle, put it on your head, and use it as your bike helmet…:) that will be a sight won’t it? :)

  2. Insane.. yeah that is quite something, but like 3baid said, you’d be tempted to rip it and try it on hehe.

  3. “but I have to it” the other have is missing ;p

    this is waaaaaaaay cool :D 3jeeeeeeb ,, go for it and the glow thing is just breathtaking :D i wonder if they will make a whole life-sized model? that would rock my life!

  4. Rashisha: ok!

    Eddy: yes it would!!

    Shaymaa: another yes!

    Exzombie: the link above!

    3baid: loool!

    tmz_99: fiberglass, and hand painted!

    Q80-ChillGirll: I agree 100%!

    All people voted yes, so I will be ordering it!

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