I Got a Breast Implant

This is what happens when your friend is a surgeon and you end up with a fake boob in your hands. This is probably one of the funniest things I have yet to see, and we were shocked how much this C-Cup costs. It seems over the past few years breast implants have been the new thing for women in Kuwait, and this one boob costs 3000 KD because it is top of the line.

It has some cell memory type gel which makes it special, and then there is the material. It is very interesting to hear all the details from the perspective of the doctor, and how different surgeons place this implant differently and how to get a better job. I’m still laughing about this boob, and it does feel soft but still very fake.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LOL hilarious Marzouq! whatta a post! another funny thing is how you tried to show the actual size comparing it to a Baskin Robbins spoon! Why am I not surprised! LOL

    Jaw Dropping Funny!!

  2. okay ya3ni ur friend showed it to you or gave it to u to keep!!

  3. Few questions:
    Can that be used as a paper holder?
    Can I throw that at someone and actually hurt that person? (I’m sure that person will be so happy… =P)

  4. DeReD


    BTW.. when u say its fake, im assuming that it is based on prior real boob feeling experience??


  5. Stop making things^H^H^H^H wait all that is technically factual.

  6. gafshah esh7aggah!??!
    laaaa ow ba3ad malat barred!!!
    you guys with boobs!!!
    7alatkom 9a3bah!!

  7. Can you plug it in and use it as a heat sink?

  8. LOL

    it doesn’t make sense to me yet why women go for breast implants, even if to please them or the opposite sex, its still ridiculously! why would you want a water balloon inside you? *saying this remembering the good old days where we used to fill balloons with water and throw them around*

  9. SoS

    “”I’m still laughing about this boob, and it does feel soft but still very fake.”””

    Ahem! how does the real thing feel like???

    Is there something else we should be knowing ?

  10. marzouq of course it would feel fake… its suppose to be inside a boob :P

  11. Kim

    LOL You crack me up. Too bad there wasn’t an actual woman attached to that boob. Your friend would be a much better friend if he was bringing you his patients instead of just the implant :)

  12. Hehehe at first I was like wtf how did you get an implant hehehe then I saw that it was an actual implant and not you getting the surgery, I gave a huge sigh of relief LOL!

  13. Zabo0o6a

    wa5ezyaah *blushes*

  14. looooooooool ice-cream and fake boobs seems like a lethal combination

  15. 8600GT

    Sell it on eBay!!!

  16. one question, why did your freind waste a 3000KD implant? Unless it was a tester to show clients etc.

    But you are such a freak taking pictures of it, although I have wondered how it feels like hehehe

  17. I dunno why but I just got the urge to punch it really hard. Let’s hope that won’t happen when I “encounter” the real thing. Aghh, damn you Marzouq and your 3000KD boob.

  18. Ansam: loool! This is what happens!

    princess: showed to me, and it was stolen by the patrons of the dewaneya!

    Q8GEEK: yes, yes (we tried it), and no lol

    DeReD: Its fake based on the married people’s opinions, and it feels like one of those excercise balls! lol

    nibaq: lol

    Someday: looool! hahaha!

    N: No Wires!

    Ms. D: somebody! lol

    Q80 ChillGirl: looool! For some its a medical issue such as breast cancer patients, and for some its a boost of morale!

    SoS: The married people were telling us, and it reminds me of the excericise balls for some reason! looool

    eshda3wa: hahahaha

    kodder: how am I supposed to know! lol

    Kim: now that is a thought, good looking too! lol

    Jacqui: looool! It was the right title! lol

    Zabo0o6a: lol

    Laialy: hahaha!

    8600GT: hahaha!

    ananyah: hahaha! Its a demo for the doc!

    K: yup

    Angelo: looooool! Thats just wrong! lol

  19. jasmin

    this is interesting hahaha!

    but do kuwaiti woman need this?
    they were born with voluptuous figure i may say..

    ok now i am green with envy hehe :-D

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