Wowwee Bladestar Recieved

I have been curious about this product for some time now, I saw it was selling used on Ebay for about $35 and decided to get it. I received it yesterday, and it comes in this cool brief case, makes you think that its a spy tool rather then a flying toy. It turned out to be a lot smaller then I thought it was, the pictures looked a lot bigger then it was, I switched it on trying to test the sensor system which is supposed to avoid objects, but I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. I was almost taken out by this little flying contraption, its supposed to fly away from objects, but this might programed with a kamakaze directive.

Link: ZDistrict

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  1. Nabi movie!

    A7na nabi movie! We want to see the toy in action!

  2. what will be your nephew’s reaction to it? heehee

  3. Yeaah video, put one up

  4. Almost decapitated K? I thought it was supposed to steer away from objects/people?!

  5. waaaaaaaay cool :D

    i liked it,, except for the sensor being مو صاحي thing LOL ,, its not much of an attraction especially with K’s testimony !!

  6. Can’t wait to break the damn thing tonight !

  7. “kamakaze directive” looooooooool
    that thing looks nifty and dangerous, you need a pair of those protection glasses while that thing is on

  8. LOL …… i need to get my hands on of them … it would be so much fun letting it loose in seef mall :D

  9. Stallion: No! lol

    K: loool!

    Ansam: break it! hahaha

    N: I don’t do videos yet! lol

    Shaymaa: Seriously the sensors are off! lol

    Q80-ChillGirl: I’m going to test it out a little more!

    blasha: no movies yet!

    Rouge.Et.Noir: lol

    KTPD: looool!

    Laialy: You need a helmet on! loool

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