The Shredder

The most entertaining and satisfying object there is in an office is the shredder. I feel very satisfied when I am done with some work and I take all the papers I have straight to the shredder. Then I stand there for some time watching it shred all the papers, there is that thought that something might get caught in it but we can avoid that. I remember all the desks got messier the first time the shredder broke, but now that we have a new one hopefully it will last a lot.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i thought you would speak of TMNT shredder

  2. I never tried a shredder before. I gotta get me one even though I rarely discard papers. It might be therapeutic.

  3. Can’t they make shredding more interesting? like have it cut up into different shapes, but it is satisfactory when you get paper shredded!

  4. Even if there were ‘silent’ shredders out there…. You will still hear your inner freak humming as the papers find their fate. lol.

  5. Laialy: But it does the job!

    forzaq8: loooool!

    Angelo: Very soothing! lol

    N: the point is that it is destroyed!

    Shayma: loooool!

  6. if you want an enjoyable shredding don’t buy these small ones
    buy a big one , the one i have in my room shred CD-roms …

  7. forzaq8: I don’t have the small one, we have a big one at work.. but I didn’t have a picture of a big one thats nice!

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