Zain Bulk Election Msgs

Getting bulk sms messages get really annoying especially during this election period. I seem to be getting one every 30 minutes about one candidate or the other, it doesn’t matter where you are registered you just keep getting them. This was driving me nuts for the longest time until one comment on pearls blog which solved the issue to a degree.

Text OUT to 90037 ,and you will receive a text message from zain saying “you have been blacklisted from all zain bulk messages” or something similar to that. It isn’t perfect but in one day I received about two to three messages instead of the usual 30 to 40 messages.

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  1. Q80 In Denver

    Ya 7alat Amreica :p

  2. DVLz

    I already found a solution. It’s a simple and easy application that works on my Nokia cellphone, the one I’m using is called (Handy Blacklist). The way I set it up is any phone number that is not in contact list will get both calls and msgs blocked. It has a log which you can check and read later if you wanna see what have been sent to you in the last couple hours. There are few programs out there with all sorts of features, find the right one that works best for you and make sure that it supports you cellphone 1st before you try to install it.

    Total msgs blocked since last week: 26

  3. AlleyCat

    The main problem with these election msgs is the friggin timing… you could be asleep (after staying up all night playing folklore on ps3) and just heading to bed at 7am and suddenely u receive 3 or 4 at that time if not earlier… Im a wataniya customer and i have no clue what the solution is.. but here’s the thing at least u dont have to feel like no one’s sending you msgs anymore :P

  4. لووول هذولة المرشحين ما خلوا أحد ما ازعجوه،انا هم دزيت مسج حق هالرقم عشان لا توصلني مسجات المرشحين لكن فعلا ظلت توصل شوية،انا حتى هالشوية يبطون جبدي و رديت دقيت على زين و قالولي راح نسوي لج اجراء انه ما توصلج كلش و الحين خلاص ما قامت توصل
    انا يضحكوني هالمرشحين اللي عبالهم بالحنة راح نصوت لهم!!
    قمة السخافة والله

  5. Even with that solution its not working, I didn’t get a lot of messages before but after I texted them that it seemed that I was getting more than I did before ;s

    Now I just ignore SMS’s even important ones from friends.

  6. LOL, this is certainly annoying. I rarely get spam SMS in the US but I guess it’s quite common in Kuwait now.

  7. Laialy: Switch to Zain!

    Q80 In Denver: Oh so true!

    DVLz: Sometimes you are waiting for an unknown number to call you or send a message!

    AlleyCat: I agree, they come at odd times!

    Q8-manal: It is very annoying, its good you called them and told them off! They shouldn’t even be sendig messages out!

    Jacqui: looool! Maybe its working backwards for you!

    Angelo: Very common! They sell your number without a second thought! lol

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