EVOart – 300

I always liked this type of patchy art work, and this painting has my favorite. They sell it as a normal print canvas or you can have them commission the painting to be painted. I wouldn’t know where to put this painting in my house, but one thing is for sure, it is a piece that every fan should have. The only thing going through my mind when I look at it is “WE ARE SPARTAAAAANNSSS”

Link: evoart

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  1. that looks like it was photoshopped with a posterise filter.

    but still it must be said:


  2. AlleyCat

    lol i think it would be hilarious if you somehow managed to wire up this piece of furniture to scream SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANS! whenever someones butt hit the couch… It’ll be funny but i doubt it’ll do much for your love life :P

  3. Shourouq

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  4. lfc-q8

    there is this shop in galaria 2000 where u can give them any pic and they can do this eefect and print it for in on a canvis which is so cool

  5. I laughed at first sight, then i started looking at it better to make up what it is, it was like seeing a soldier wear a tutu dress.

  6. I should explain, a picture of soldier does not mix well with a fashionable sofa and interior design.

  7. KTPD: looool! I think it would look good hand painted!

    AlleyCat: That would scare them half to death! lol

    Shourouq: I think you are in the wrong spot! loool

    lfc-q8: That is cool, which shop is that?

    snookie: That is pretty good, you have skills!

    The M Code: have you seen 300?!?!? Thats Blasphemy!

  8. Nahh, I prefer “TONIGHT! WE DINE IN HELL!”.

    It’s more guttier and manly.

  9. lfc-q8

    i dont know the name but its in galaria 2000 salmiya in the basement

  10. Daddyz Girl

    I love that shop 7adi big fan it’s called Giclee Gallery, Galleria 2000, Salmiya phone: 5710777 website: artgicleegallery.com :D

  11. Angelo: I do like that too!

    lfc-q8: hmmm thanks!

    Daddyz Girl: Thanks, I’m going to check it out for sure! Giclee Gallery, I will check it out!

    Laialy: I would like it for sure!

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