Hot Days

I think the hot days are just getting started, I honestly don’t mind the heat. It was very sunny and nice the past couple of days, and its nice being outside. What I mind is the dust, what the sky turns orange and you have layer of dust on your car, I would rather stay in doors. Saturday was nice though, I had a few things to do so I went out and in between I picked up a nice cold raspberry frappacinno just before going to get a cut and shave.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. na3eman! This weekend was awesome… I cant wiat to go swimming

  2. Why don’t you post about Hot Dogs?

  3. Na3iman
    I like quiet weekend mornings

  4. I love hanging out at the Palms. It’s very nice there especially in the morning.

    Have you tried Chocolate Bar yet?

  5. I so could use some coffee but i just don’t feel like leaving my bed

  6. Rashisha: alah yin3am 3alaich! Thats a good idea!

    Mark: hmmm, heartburn!

    Ansam: Alah yin3am ib 7aalich!

    Angelo: can you believe not yet!

    Laialy: looool!

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