New Speeding Cameras???

Ok people, we need to clarify this ASAP. I saw this on the street between Bida’a and Salwa by the seaside. These look like strange new speeding cameras or some sort of surveillance. This never went to the news or what exactly they are doing with these. There is a stop that says you have to stop when the red lights are flashing but what if you don’t stop since it isn’t a traffic light and what does the cameras exactly mean, this is very worrying. I usually don’t care about speeding cameras, and I don’t speed in that area, but then there are the pictures of the back of bikes. If anyone can shed a light on the situation please do.

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  1. Noush0

    I think its something has to do with “Dar Salwa” since one of the signal lights is located exactly infront of it.Plus i havent seen such cameras somewhere else, i think its only in Salwa.

  2. I wish they’d put up signs to warn drivers of road cameras ahead

  3. fkj

    Dude they arent cameras, they r traffic lights flashing if the Amir wanna hit the road so that we make a room.. I mean dont they hear about choppers!!

  4. I always speed in there, nothing flashed yet. As previously said, they are for the Amir when he gets in/out. I just saw something similar on the fifth ring road behind the enterance for Bayan palace, I think it’s the same thing.

  5. Did you take these pics? They have been circulating them around A LOT by email today all day!! I received them four times already hehehehe

  6. Could be cameras to count the amount of traffic on Gulf Road. We have something looking like this in Germany too…

  7. luludiariesxox

    i was wondering what those were!!

  8. Purgatory

    and somewhere close by it says not photos, so ? ;p

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  10. K: These are pictures! The question wasn’t answered!

    Noush0: More are now popping up!

    pearls: I don’t know what are they!

    fkj: Those are cameras before the laights.. take a good look at the pictures!

    MrAziz: There are a few in other places, I want to see how that is going to turn out!

    Ansam: yup I did! looool!

    Evil Knievel: I hope it is a traffic monitoring system for people to see

    luludiariesxox: hmmm

    Shrek: Thanks!

    Purg: I’m curious what it is..

  11. كل مكان زمحمة ما أدري وين العام بدوس !

    Q8 Chili

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