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Early at the Avenues

There are two things that can drag out of bed, one of them is when I’m hungry, the other is when I want to kill somebody for waking me up. This time I was hungry as hell and we were calling everybody to get them up for breakfast.

By the time we got to the Avenues in the early morning we were deciding what to have for breakfast. The best thing about the Avenues is the amount of choices you have to eat, the bad part is you have to walk a huge distance to get to your chosen location.

There is a coffee shop that the guys like because it was really good coffee, and not a lot of people go to it, and they have internet. We went to Zaatar o Zait for breakfast which turned into an early lunch, I love their kafta with cheese, and their laham bil ajeen. Then we walked to the newly opened section which didn’t have a lot of new shops, but we did go to Boots, and for some reason I love going into boots and the clean smell. Then we headed to Ace Hardware to pick up a few things, I don’t think I can walk out of Ace Hardware without buying something, they really have a lot of useful items.