Iceberg Water Climber

This is a gigantic inflatable iceberb which you can enjoy in the ocean. Just look at it I want to jump off the top of it. Three sides of it are climable with varying levels of difficulty and a giant slide on one side, its made from high grade DTEX PVC so it would be popping very easily. I just wonder how much shipping will cost for this thing.

Price: $6475

Link: Amazon

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. JoJo

    If it is inflatable , why are you worried about the cost of shipping it ? LOOOL.

  2. i can’t swim therefor this does not seem like a fun activity :)

  3. F..

    ooh they are so muuch fun!! i tried it before oo the climb is hard but when u slide down, its so much fun!

  4. It looks great but the price doesn’t fit the product, if it’s around 2k it would’ve been acceptable, or even 3.

  5. K: Fooga, but were?

    Ansam: yup!

    Evil Knievel: very much so!

    JoJo: still very heavy!

    Laialy: You should learn!

    eshda3wa: yup!

    F: I like that!

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