Review: Strange Wilderness

Never did I think that a movie can bring down your IQ level just by watching it. We couldn’t even finish the damn movie it was so ridiculous. Its about some guys who have this nature show, but its more like a bunch of drunk and high guys making a show with some animals with some interesting results. I thought this would be a funny movie from the cast, but it was one of the worst of all time.

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  1. 3ad the cast are usually always funny… especially that guy from Knocked Up… Jonah Hill…

  2. WOW…never expected a 0.5/5 rating from u honestly :P

  3. mustafa

    movie= much suckier than i anticapated :'(

  4. Allah e3eenik 3alla el time wasted, one of the things that kill me the most is wasting time

  5. that damn movie was god awful ….

    The writing was the worst part…..

  6. K: so true

    Buckeye23: it was that bad

    mustafa: true

    Laialy: true!

    KTPD: so bad

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