The Barber

I didn’t have a chance for a while to get a shave or a cut. I was looking for the right time to go, so I headed in on Satruday and the place was packed. I knew there was going to be a wait so I took a magazine with me. Time flew since I was reading a motorcycle magazine while taking a few phone calls.

As soon as I got on the chair I wanted to get rid of the wookie like beard that I had. Its not that bad, but it gets really itchy throughout the day and night. He inserted a new blade, put the warm towel and then the cream, the best feeling in the world is when he took that all off. It felt fantastic, I no longer had the itchy feeling it was really relaxing and so I took a nap like usual. There is something about the barbershop that is sacred to men, when I woke up I had that very clean feeling, no more scratching.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. glad you finally shaved, u’d look weird with a bushy beard! did you shave your head too?

  2. the barber is the reason why i can understand that women want to go to the salon!
    I like getting pampered at the barbershop … you feel clean … relaxed … great when you come out!

  3. You went there after Starbucks :-P hehehehe I can see your drink there

    Na3iman :-)

  4. There is nothing like feeling clean it just changes a person emotionally

  5. ananyah: never gets bushy, just looks funny!

    Hamitaf: alah yin3am ib 7aalich!

    Evil Knievel: That is the exact reason!!!

    Ansam: yes! lol

    Laialy: Just feels nice, gives you a good start!

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