No More Gaming for Dell XPS

Dell bought out Alienware in 2006 but nothing really changed with the Dell line up or the Alienware line up. Dell XPS gaming line was somewhat in direct competition with Alienware desktop PCs over the past two years, but now Dell has cut their Dell XPS gaming line up, it will continue as a high end line but they will dedicate for the first time the Dell R&D to work with Alienware to make better machines. The result of this work will most probably be showing up next year, it will be interesting for sure.

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  1. lfc-q8

    dell says its not true :) xps will stay

  2. Tartooob

    I am planning on buying Alienware, What do you think ?

  3. lfc-q8: I thought just the gaming would be stopped, but it seems they are at least combinging!

    DeReD: Thanks for the info!

    Tartoob: Its a good machine, but if you are going for just normal usage I don’t recommend it because its too expensive!

  4. I see you have changed your website’s interface! Looks cool…. Well, the XPS line is here to stay, it would not be closing in the near future. Though Alienware is now part of Dell, they are operated as two seperate companies, i.e. different design teams, different support teams, different everything. They have their own vice-president for Alienware who reports directly to Michael Dell. The rest of the company is broken into divisions such as consumer, small business etc. The XPS 730 is out and slowly you will see more in the design of the XPS One also come out.

  5. P.S. : The 730 is a sweet machine… I am sweating out in the labs here, trying how to overclock it to the max, without blowing up one

  6. Azariath: I think they need to collaborate and share the best of both worlds, that is the problem! loool! Just don’t cause a meltdown!

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