The Day

6:10 am – woke up

6:30 am – breakfast

7:30 am – Met up with family to go to the funeral in Sulaibikhaat

8:10 am – Arrived, there was some traffic and police regulating traffic. Seemed more organized then before.

9:10 am – They were praying

9:30 am – Condolences were to begin, there were a lot of animals around. They started pushing so we left the line it became insane.

10:00 am – The National Guard stepped in to organize these people, and it did work out.

11:10 am – We gave our condolenses and left, just before the Al-Sabah Family left.

11:30 am – Went to work to finish up a few things

12:45 pm – Went home to get some food and some sleep

There is just a sad feeling, Sheikh Saad was loved by the people of Kuwait. He cared for Kuwait and all developments in this country were due to him and Sheikh Jaber. We have lost some good and irreplaceable men. No matter what they did you always knew that they loved Kuwait and its people more then anything else. I even felt saddened by the day, I knew I had work but it didn’t feel like a work day or a holiday, something just didn’t feel right.

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  1. alla yer7ema he will be missed..the last shaikh we call baba :(

  2. alla yer7ma inshalla
    I second fashionated!

  3. Allah yr7ima oo e’3amid roo7a iljannah inshallah.. He will be missed dearly.

  4. jewaira

    I’m glad you went to the burial and stayed despite the problems you mentioned.

    Allah yer7umah. It was a sad day indeed.

  5. fashionated: so very true..

    Ansam: alah yer7ama

    Shaymaa: very much so..

    jewaira: I just couldn’t leave but I was pissed off at these people, very sad day..

  6. goodroads

    see how beautiful roads are…

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  7. fup

    It was a sad day indeed.

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