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Corsair 32GB Ultra Rugged Flash Survivor USB Drive

If you are looking for a heavy duty flash drive then this is the way to go. This isn’t your run of the mill flash drive, its made from CNC-milled anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. The case can survive in conditions that most gadgets would probably be destroyed by. It can even survive up to 200 meteres under water when the case is sealed. This is one Corsair’s unique flash drives, at 32 GB it can transfer at a data rate of 17-18 MB/s which is pretty good for a flash drive, but it takes some time to fill up the 32GB.

The Corsair Flash Survivor comes with the TrueCrypt software which can encrypt and decrypt any file on the flash, and it is a free piece of software that anyone can use. Overall this is a great high quality flash drive, but for all the positive parts about this flash drive it is a bit pricey, but for some people its worth it, I won’t say I don’t like the idea of a rugged flash drive.

Price: $200

Link: OhGizmo