The Elections

Around 11 am I got a phone call telling me that the school was packed with people so I decided to go vote later in the day expecting people to go eat lunch. Went around 12:30 pm met up with my father and brother, and we went it. There was very little presence of the candidates up front unlike in 2006. No tents, no ice cream, no buses, no huge stage banners, nobody running after you as much, it was different for sure.

Inside they were very organized breaking up rooms by letters. My brother and father were in one room, within 15 – 20 minutes they went in voted and were heading home. I was with a very long line, I didn’t up waiting about an hour and 5 minutes before finishing up voting. They shouted my name 3 times when they took my citizenship card. When I looked at the sheet it took me sometime to find the candidates I wanted to vote for, and I triple checked it to make sure I got it right.

I left after some time, and later in the day I took my mother so that she could vote. The police man said that I couldn’t approach the school but I ignored him knowing that she sometimes has difficulty walking and the police officer up front told me that I can not enter and he was polite about it, he said it was his orders. He was very polite about it so I told him I will wait on the road, its frustrating knowing that my mother might have difficulty I wouldn’t be able to be next to her. If it is a medical case then they should make an exception, but this is the case you just have to deal with it. After some time she came out a bit tired, but they let her through due to medical reasons. But this year it seemed very organized unlike last time which was a large fiasco.

I don’t know what exactly but there is this feeling of wanting to get over this. I think that we want to see the results of these candidates and what exactly they are going to do. I’m fed up with them running us around and not doing anything, so my spirits weren’t as high as it was in 2006 about the parliamentary elections.

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  1. Q80 In Denver

    I am really “Hopeful” about this election more than any election in my life. I don’t know why, but I had this feeling that kuwait will change and move forward with this election ENSHALA :)

  2. jewaira

    Hehe what do you think is happening with those candidates that did not win? They will need some sedatives especially those who were sending desperate messages at the end.

    It was more organized and calmer in my area this time and I have to say most of the organizers were helpful and caring.

    Sorry about your mom having to go through alone though; there should be some alternatives for assistance.

  3. I stuck to my word and didn’t go no matter what people say … I just didn’t have time for politics this time around

  4. The whole process did not take me 5 minutes I swear… “A” letter -for a female name- is not so popular in my district I guess LOL

    Elmafrooth they do special booth for people who need special assistance…

  5. I can’t believe how AMAZING this shot of kuwait is. REALLY REALLY COOL. This should be like one of these overused pics of kuwait in school books and worldwide. Let them know what kuwait REALLY is.

  6. Q80 In Denver: I hope that some changes will take place!

    jewaira: I know it was funny msgs at the end! They probably ended their vacation at work! It was just one of those things that was very annoying to deal with!

    Laialy: I just had to go! I wanted to see how things would turn out!

    Hamitaf La B: very!

    Ansam: They should at least be corgial about it!

    Buckeye23: The link is there from Cajie! He takes amazing shots!

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