Weight Adjustment

The past week I have had some funny comments made regarding my weight but none of them seem to affect me. I’m just going to write up a few of these funny conversations.

Situation A: Walking to Mishref co-op to buy some Baskin Robins
Doc: “Marzouq I’m noticing something as I am walking behind you”
Me: “What exactly is that…”
Doc: “You have become fat.. more then usual”
Me: “hahaha.. all good”

Scenario B: Standing in the Dewaneya looking for someting
Mohammed: “Marzouq I haven’t really seen you much since last year”
Me: “You need to visit more often”
Mohammed: “No.. what I’m saying is that your a lot fatter”
Me: “Hahaha.. you bastard, I’m big boned”

Scenario C: Sitting with the family
M: “Marzouq we are out of coke bottles”
Me: “I tend to like coke in a bottle more then a can”
M: “You are getting fatter you need to stop drinking coke, and then there would be more bottles”
Me “I agree with that statement but not a this moment in time”

My Weight: 100+ Kgs
Where I Want To Be: A lot lower

The funny part is that it isn’t bothering me at all except that my jeans are getting a little tight around the waist these days. So I think I need to drop some weight over the next couple of months, the situation has gotten critical. I’m not really worried, and I’m very comfortable in my skin, I tend to enjoy lounging around these days so I wont say I haven’t enjoyed it but I do need to shape up. I have feeling if I start running again I’m going to be very short of breath.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. yeah u better start losing some cuz u might gain even more in ramadan hehe

  2. mocman

    Scenario D: Riding the bike
    marzouq: lets go for a ride
    Bike: not with your fat ass
    marzouq: :(

  3. *sighs* same here.. we always say we need to go to the gym, but nobody seems to be doing that lol

    What i think everybody needs is a gym-buddy, somebody to encourage me and vice versa…

  4. You need to go on a diet/exercise regime like the rest of us.

    You tend to eat all over place at the wrong times… just try to go for breakfast – lunch – dinner and nothing in between… eat breakfast in the car on your way to work… and have lunch at say 1 since you spend a loong time at work… and have dinner at 6… and do not put anything in your mouth after 7!!
    And drink lots and lots of water!

  6. I am ganna start doing tae bo someone recommended it, i’ll let u know if it really works
    Anyways a little meat around your bones for a guy won’t do u any harm ^_^ as long as you’re healthy all should be good in da hood

  7. Scenario D:

    Amer: Marzouq is that Snickers in your pocket or are you just happy to see us?

    Marzouq: That’s a Snickers bar.

  8. well i recommend tae bo too…its a good excercise..and besides that in corniche club there’s a diet/excercise program that within a month you will lose weight…u can ask them and see by urself

  9. I am not gonna comment on your weight – a lot of people did already in your life and on your blog :-P –

    but I will tell you this… I was telling my sister yesterday the same thing!!!!! that I like coke in bottles more than in cans! I swear the taste differ!

  10. I suggest green tea….its a very healthy beverage and it helps get rid of the water weight and boost metabolism

    just make sure u get “authentic green tea” and not any herbal tea :)

  11. Boochi

    “The funny part is that it isn’t bothering me at all except that my jeans are getting a little tight around the waist these days.”

    Same problem here!! I can’t wear my jeans for more than 2 hrs! I simply just get annoyed lol .. I have to go exercise! and eat healthy haha
    I tried Diet center and guess what? i gained even more! So i better find a good diet program and a trainer!

    I also wanna do Yoga! Does any one know of any good yoga instructors that come home ?

  12. Zabo0o6a

    Something is in the air , i paid my nutritionist a visit today and guess what ? i gained 400 gramz :/
    i wanted to shoot my self as a punishment i’m gonna loose 4 kilo’s :Pp G.luck buddy ;)

  13. EniGma: I know that for sure!

    mocman: hahaha!

    Swair: Gym buddy in Kuwait is difficult because of our full schedules!

    K: I agree!

    Hamitaf: I just can’t seem to get things in an organized fashion! I do drink a lot of water though1

    Laialy: I don’t like tae bo, Im thinking about starting swimming again!

    amer: hahaha

    Maze: I really don’t like corniche.. I hate the location..

    Ansam: looool!

    Ghasheema: Where would you even get that?

    Boochi: I’m going to excercise and cut back on the food, not a diet really just need to move more..

  14. jewaira

    You know what you need to do..you need to be in love..it will make you feel so damn good you won’t know where that extra weight went lol

    (I don’t normally use damn but it is your trademark expression ;) )

  15. luludiariesxox.blogspot.com

    IGNORE WHAT THEY SAY !!!! kuwaitis tend to think its alright to call people fat :p i guess its just the kuwaiti culture !

  16. ‘big boned’ that reminds me of someone I know. You really need to join the gym though just to keep in shape. it’s weird that your gaining weight and you’re not a lazy sort of person

  17. I would like to know how this will effect dinner on Thursdays!

  18. mustafa

    “big boned” LOL! most people dont realise the lack of physical activity the have each month join a gym replace riding with jogging have your lunch homemade dont eat after 7 and have light dinners.

    just by doing these you could lose 5kgs easy take my word i tried it then i became fat again :P.

  19. The problem is that we eat and then take our 1 hour naps and then go back to work. I am in your same boat but problem is I gain weight in a few specific areas, and only 2 of them annoy me, my face and belly. Therefore I hope to try and lose that but I stress eat :s

  20. “festively plump!” ;)

    as for juwaira’s comment, dont do it! being in ‘love’ will make your WALLET lighter! :)

  21. Fatty!! Marzouq!!
    when the universe is telling you something! then do listen!!! I think it’s not a “little” tight!! imagine! this poor fabric you’ve strechted it to the limit! and now it’s payback!! make a plan! moniter yourwieght!
    by the way, you haven’t noticed that by yourself?!?! I don’t need to see you to figure it out! just go to label “food” that should say enough! if you want some ideas let me know!

  22. I wrote you many things and they are gone!?!!?! maybe cause they weren’t very nice!

  23. jewaira

    @ MSB

    Aah! Have you not heard of the phrase “Can’t buy me love”? :P

    When he’s in love, he will spend more time taking her on bike rides than eating out with buddies @ diwaniya and restaurants ;)

  24. jewaira: hahaha! Yes I do like saying damn! But I don’t know if that is my solution! lol

    lulu: hahaha! I do want to lose some weight!

    pearls: Its just that after work and I’m tired as hell so I tend to eat and pass out!

    Mark: This won’t!! lol

    mustafa: hahaha! I need something I can sustain, the problem is that work isn’t consistent, you have normal days and crazy days so I just have to get through the day!

    Jacqui: it is a bit tough with the ridiculous work schedule!

    MSB: looool! hahaha

    Someday: I like to take pictures of food! There is nothing wrong with that! lol! And yes they weren’t nice! hehehe

    jewaira: hahaha!

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