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Weight Adjustment

The past week I have had some funny comments made regarding my weight but none of them seem to affect me. I’m just going to write up a few of these funny conversations.

Situation A: Walking to Mishref co-op to buy some Baskin Robins
Doc: “Marzouq I’m noticing something as I am walking behind you”
Me: “What exactly is that…”
Doc: “You have become fat.. more then usual”
Me: “hahaha.. all good”

Scenario B: Standing in the Dewaneya looking for someting
Mohammed: “Marzouq I haven’t really seen you much since last year”
Me: “You need to visit more often”
Mohammed: “No.. what I’m saying is that your a lot fatter”
Me: “Hahaha.. you bastard, I’m big boned”

Scenario C: Sitting with the family
M: “Marzouq we are out of coke bottles”
Me: “I tend to like coke in a bottle more then a can”
M: “You are getting fatter you need to stop drinking coke, and then there would be more bottles”
Me “I agree with that statement but not a this moment in time”

My Weight: 100+ Kgs
Where I Want To Be: A lot lower

The funny part is that it isn’t bothering me at all except that my jeans are getting a little tight around the waist these days. So I think I need to drop some weight over the next couple of months, the situation has gotten critical. I’m not really worried, and I’m very comfortable in my skin, I tend to enjoy lounging around these days so I wont say I haven’t enjoyed it but I do need to shape up. I have feeling if I start running again I’m going to be very short of breath.