Clutch Issue

I called up Tristar around 5 pm to tell them about the problem I was having with Robo, something was most probably wrong with the clutch. I was loosing pressure at the clutch so I wasn’t sure what was going on, but something was not working right. I missed riding Robo so I was annoyed that everything wasn’t in perfect running condition.

They said they would pick up the bike next morning to take to the shop, and see what is going on. I thought that would be fine, I would have my bike back in a day or two. Around 5:45pm I get call from the Tristar driver who was at the door of my house here to pick up Robo. Instead of the morning he arrived in less then one hour to my house which is great. They took the bike and I was just hoping to have the machine fixed as soon as possible. Then the next day around 1 pm I get a call telling me they fixed my bike and it is on its way to be delivered to my home, I don’t think there is anything possible they could have done better. The part was replaced under warranty, it was fixed in less then 24 hours and I will be able to ride Robo as he was before.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Good thing you didn’t take the pic in the morning.. Half of Kuwait would have seen me tanning!! :P

  2. Wow! Awesome turnaround, and a very sexy bike. Smart man with the tank protector. Any frame sliders or nah? I couldn’t make out any in the pic.

  3. Sunshine: loooool!

    Laialy: Thanks!

    Sam: Yup, there are frame sliders and tank protectors down below! It does the job of protecting it!

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