Just a Few Days

Its always fun to get these types of trips together, some of the guys proposed a quick trip to Dubai to get a few things done. That was last week and it tumbled into a movie filled weekend and a change of scenery. I think it will do some good to get a quick break from the usual trend of things.

I want to see two movies while I’m there:

  • Indiana Jones
  • Speed Racer

And probably what ever else is going to be out. One thing I am really looking forward to is the riblets from The Meat Company, it tastes really good and it gets really messy. The funny part is that we are flying Kuwait Airways most probably so there is no clue exactly when or if the plane is going to fly, KA doesn’t have the best track record.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. monichum

    1 day is left . cant wait to get there.

  2. Purgatory

    Take the morning flight, that should be ok, if that fails, they have two other flights in same day, giving you good chance of getting to Dubai.

  3. To9el belsalamah inshallah.

    I’ll be traveling to Dubai very soon that’s for sure, and cannot wait to witness the changes and all the consecrations.

  4. jewaira

    Ha! Riblets? What happened to your diet lol :P

    Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe

  5. LooL, sounds like fun
    what would i give to get away from everything here -_-

  6. 8600GT

    Believe me when I say Speed Racer is for 5-12 year olds ONLY!

    Watch Ironman instead again if you have already.. ;-)

  7. monichum: yup!

    Purg: yup I agree, but the 4 pm flight would be just perfect for us!

    Hamitaf La B: looool!

    Angelo: Alah esalmik! Its an insane change!

    pearls: yup!

    K: yup!

    Jewaira: looool! No diet

    Laialy: I think you should just take off for a bit!

    8600GT: So I must be a 5 – 12 year old in 26 year old’s body! lol

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