Poseidon Undersea Resort

Now this is interesting, they have finally come up with an undersea resort. It seems that it is located some where close to the Fiji Islands and the number of under water suites are limited. They are inviting adventurers and certain people to come to this resort fro a unique stay. You will stay for two days underwater and the rest will be on the exclusive bangalow, a private twin-engine plane will take you from the Fijian Airport to the Poseidon Mystery Island, where ever that may be. You also have the use of Triton 1000 submarine at your disposal during the stay which is really interesting. It costs upwards of $15’000, I don’t know if that is per day or per week, would be very interesting to check it out.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. 15,000$ per person (30,000$)

    This includes:

    #. Transportation to/from Nadi or Suva on a private plane.
    #. Four Nights in a luxury beach or over-water villa.
    #. Two Nights in a luxury under-sea suite.
    #. Diving onboard a luxury expedition submarine outside the lagoon (300-foot depth, 16 passengers)
    #. A initiation to piloting a three-passenger mini-sub inside the lagoon with the assistance of a trained pilot.
    #. Walks on the lagoon floor with a Star-Trek system
    #. Lectures and activities with a naturalist in residence and guest marine scientists
    #. Wine tasting classes
    #. Your own personal, professionally produced photo album of your experience at Poseidon Mystery Island
    #. Access to resort spa
    #. Gourmet meals and drinks.

  2. does the glass break if you play squash in there and are the lectures manditory ???

  3. V-One

    I definitly love your blog. J’aime trop ce blog mon pote.

  4. IS-F Man (ALD)

    Weren’t they building an undersea hotel in Dubai? “Metropolis” yeah im sure I saw the sign a few years back.. I’d still rather keep my ass above see level :)

  5. jewaira

    The perfect little hideaway

  6. Q80 In Denver


    wala it’s worth it etha for 6 days trip with all this package features .. 7ada worth it! :p is it open?

  7. No idea .. I took the details from the website. I would do it during my honeymoon, not the type of place I would head to be with a couple of guys.

  8. jewaira

    This is where I want to be

    In an Octopus’ Garden

    Under the sea

  9. K: hehehe you got it all!

    KTPD: I have no clue!

    V-One: lol! Thanks you like it!

    ISF Man: loool! Not sure about Dubai, haven’t seen anything yet!

    jewaira: yup!

    Laialy: lol

    Q80 In Denver: Don’t think its open yet!

    K: loool!

    jewaira: loool!

  10. Chuck Mercurio

    I was a partner with one of the so-called promoters….this is a bunch of bull and in my opinion Marc Deppe is a crook and a thief

  11. Shiyam

    What a fantastic project…I’ll rate this as the World’s futuristic luxury hotel…I hope that they might complete this hotel by end of 2008..If it is so I’ll definitely book a room…But the problem is that $15000 is tooooo much for an individual..anyhow I wish the owners of this Poseidon Hotel to complete the project asap…Oh my god!!! a hotel under the SEA!!!!

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