Jack T-Shirts

The best thing when you come home is when you get a package you aren’t expecting. I ordered these t-shirts a few weeks ago and I forgot about the order since it was taking some time. I came back home to find this fedex package which is all in soft packaging.

I remembered what it was and ripped it open to find the cool Jack Bauer t-shirts. To say that I was smiling is an understatement, the first thing I would do is wash the shirts before wearing them.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mabroooooooooooooooook
    haha they look pretty cool …i can imagine that when you wear them you’re ganna feel a bit “Jack” like :p

  2. awesome shirts man… I like the ones with Guns Don’t Kill Terrorists Jack Does… :)

  3. Sushi

    You’re obssessed but they look nice. At least they’re not Fuscia/Pink and says “I love you Bauer” then we’d seriously think you have a problem =P

  4. pink

    LOL ..my bro T is the 2nd one.we got it in bahrain 2 months ago. ;)

  5. awesome T Shirt… specially YOU CAN’T KILL JACK ;-)

  6. Farhad

    Marzooq, are you like a XXXXXL? ;P

  7. Laialy: Thanks! Yup!

    pearls: Thanks!

    Hamitaf La B: looool! Yup I like that too!

    rashisha: hehehe! Thanks!

    welain: I won’t answer that question!

    Sushi: loooool!

    pink: very nice! Good choice!

    Ansam: loool! Thanks!

    eshda3wa: yup!

    Farhad: Its only Large? Can’t you seeee!

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