Comfortable Travel

I don’t think anyone could travel more comfortable then this on a plane. I was laughing when my friend decided to wear these slippers or en’aal naydeyah to the plane to and from Dubai. Its really easy but don’t think you can start running without losing some traction.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i was about to sleep and decided to take a look @ ur blog, whats new and not comment really lol :p bas this picture made me comment

    i salute ur friend for his taste :D i think he is hip and incredibly fashionable :D i love his n3al and the colors are amazing and soooooooo summery

  2. If you want to get comfortable on a plane, take your shoes off! :P

  3. fadibou

    I know who those ugly feet belong to.

  4. IS-F Man (ALD)

    Oh God those are some ugly slippers

  5. Sexy legs hehe I applaud his courage and style sense :P

    haha, I guess what even makes him happy. I appreciate any picture with shoes :)

  7. fadibou

    it looks like Superman slippers – same colors at least

  8. LOL i love those despite the feet dryness and that nasty slit-scar between the toes :P

  9. Q80-ChillGirl: lol! I will convey it to him! hehehe!

    3baid: loool! I agree, but this is just chill throughout the day!

    fadibou: hahaha!

    ISF MAn: hahaha!

    Jacqui: hehehehe!

    Laialy: lol! I will notify him!

    fadibou: looool!

    hammoodee: I don’t like these types of sandles, I prefer open front!

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