Short Trip

It was a nice break, got some work done but still very exhausting. It was an eventful weekend, we finished a good amount of work. Me and few people had meetings on Friday and Saturday afternoon, we which went pretty well.

Saturday we stayed up and enjoyed ourselves, it was a very good dinner. But Friday everyone was pretty much dead, we saw the movies we wanted to see. The funny part is that this whole trip was a very good trip, but nothing in comparison to how eventful, interesting, and bad the Kuwait Airways flight is. I’m going to write up all that happened on the departure and arrival flights, and Kuwait Airways is pretty much as bad as people think it is.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Kuwait Airways is a movie it self! there has to be something weird happening and 3bee6 too :}

    welcome back :D

  2. Welcome Back….

    kuwait Airways… cant remember the last time… but everyone is complaining…. no one is happy with it…

  3. Kuwiat Airways … UGH!!! Welcome back Marzouq!!!

  4. Jazz it up with Jaz Airways

    I cannot agree with you more. Already, Jaz Airways has rendered KU irrelevant. Now with Wataniya Airways starting operations in the first fiscal of ’09, Kuwait Airways will become obsolete some more.

    Kiss of Life for KU is ” Embrace Diversity”, or wither away to glory.

  5. moocherx

    They should show “Snakes On A Plane” on Kuwait Airways flights. Then all the passengers could watch, thinking “man, I wish I was as safe on-board as Samuel L. Jackson”.

  6. hehehe 7amdillah 3alla el salamah and glad you got a little break :)

  7. Glad you enjoyed your time and relaxed a bit.

  8. Hamitaf La B: Thanks! They were horrible!

    Rashisha: Thanks!

    Jazz it up with Jaz Airways: I think they need to shut down and we need to look for another solution! This is just ridiculous!

    moocherx: loool!

    Laialy: alah esalmich! yup!

    Jacqui: very much so!

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