Review: Speed Racer

I heard a lot about this movie, the colorful design, and some critics who weren’t too happy with the movie. After some mixed reviews I didn’t have the highest expectation for this movie, but I am very happy I went into this movie with that attitude. It turned out to be a lot better then I expected, the characters were just as colorful as the whole movie special affects were. You get pulled into the racing nature of the world they live in, you learn how Speed became the driver that he is and what happened to his brother Rex. The stunts in this movie are fantastic, you think it really is speed racer from back in the day. I think they took it one more step which took the movie from good to great, you aren’t just curious about the car, but you get pulled into the dilemma that Speed Racer faces in front of him. The car is pretty cool but the story is that much better, and his brother Spritle and the chimp add a great comic feel to the movie. There is a tone of seriousness in this colorful movie, but you do get up and want speed racer to win every time. If you enjoyed Speed Racer as a kid then you will enjoy this movie, it isn’t for everyone and if you are easily nauseated then don’t watch this movie, for the rest just enjoy the trip.

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  1. jewaira

    Looks like a fun film but I would be very nauseated I think judging from the 2nd photo

  2. I don’t remember speed racer much, therefore, it’s not on my “to watch” list hehe but glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. Q80 In Denver

    I’ve been tracking this movie since they said they are going to do it. but After watching the first trailer I started to have some doubt but still wanted to see it to be fair in my judgment.. well, it sucked ! very long and some times boring during the movie, the VFX is SO BAD ! it reminded me of the cheap “Spy Kids movies” effects !


  4. Another blockbuster movie that I missed before leaving the US. Probably gonna wait for the DVD version.

  5. jewaira: like I said, its not for everyone!

    Laialy: yup! Very much!

    3baid: not that much, but still goo!

    Q80 In Denver: your kidding, damn, I like it and thought it was pretty cool and incorporated a lot of the cartoon!

    Angelo: You will enjoy it for sure!

  6. Anonymous


    I wanted to sit through it to make sure that I don’t misjudge it….


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