Tired and Beat

Work has been full for the past couple of weeks, and taking a two day break was good for my brain but my body does still feel a bit beat up. For some reason throughout the day my right shoulder was a bit sore and my right side just feels like its stiff for some reason. I did feel like I wanted to get a lot done but I decided to finish up one task and go to sleep early. I think I’m just in need of a good night’s sleep and some relaxation, I need to start going to the gym soon. It was even a debate between sleeping and eating, but I was even too tired to eat.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. You are so tired and beat up but you still managed to have the time and stregnth to post about it on your blog ?!! :-)

  2. Purgatory

    OK usually when you posted that you are tired, you always end up “surprised” that they have cooked Machboos, so=…


  3. Allah e3eeenik, this has a been a crazy week week for me as well but it feels good to get things done and I’m actually getting some stuff that I WANTED to do done hehehe

    Hope you find the time to sleep buddy

  4. You should start eating healthy… and you should try to get some sleep…. ya3ni when you take a day off…. don’t travel and go on Kuwait Airyways….!!! take some time off and just stay at home and SLEEP!! You need a lazy day or two…

    Allah e3eenik though… :)

  5. G-Funk: Its a simple thing!

    Purg: hahaha! They will be coming soon!

    Ansam: Thanks!

    Laialy: Yeah, I do need the sleep!

    Hamitaf La B: yeah, I need a lazy day for sure!

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