Apple iPod Touch – DOA

So for the first time I have decided to order an iPod Touch, and in my case I really have no luck. It arrived DOA, I ordered it online and its a bit of a special case, I’m not going to send it back, I would prefer to be able to fix it in Kuwait if possible. It wouldn’t even start up or charge or anything, right away from the box, right now its just an expensive paper weight. I’m going to take it to the Marina store based on a friend’s recommendation but that doesn’t mean that they would be able to fix it. I’m going to cross my fingers and hopefully they can fix it.

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  1. ouch yalla enshalla it’ll get fixed!

  2. Did you try restoring it from iTunes?

  3. That sucks. I think you have the bad luck. I remember you had similar experience with another electronic item you purchased from Dubai.

  4. etha makhtha online ya3ny aked wya international warranty, ya3ny they’ll fix it lat7aty, bas yakhok shlik fei hatha? tara kilsh mo shay, madry ymkin ent y3ajbik ntham touch ma touch, ana 3alny khososan ena 16GB max

  5. i’d freak out if i was in yer shoes dude! even if it got fixed, it wont feel normal!!!! at least to me!

  6. That sucks so bad. You are off with a bad start with Apple huh?

    BTW, the other day I was in the Marina store you were talking about and they were selling the iPod Touch for 89KD for the 8GB model. Apple store sells it for 300$ (not including taxes).

    I never imagined to say this but it seems “Kuwait prices” are cheaper…

  7. WaaaHaaaHaaaaa “

    bcoz i hate apple products,, man get rid of it,, iTunes will fck u hard in the a$$

  8. hahaha i know, send it to me… there is an apple store next to my apartment and get them to fix it and then il forget to send it back to u :P~

  9. N: Inshalla!

    3baid: No good!

    K: Will try

    cajie: Seriously bad luck!

    the masquerader: not sure if they will fix it, but it might take long!

    blasha: I want mine fixed!

    Angelo: They are dropping for sure!

    Vampire: Won’t be using iTunes for sure!

    ananyah: I would fly to get it, there is a reason!

  10. :( sorry to hear about that, i am sure you were really anxious to get working and them chack boom and its not :/

    Yalla inshalla they can fix it

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