My Vice

Recently I have been coming home watching some tv shows or anime, and every time I sit down I eat some KDD Toot, the Raspberry Toot. I would sit down in front of the screen and eat two, then 15 minutes later I would head down the basement and get two more form the freezer. I would make sure that there would be at least some ice cream in the vicinity while I’m watching these shows, and these ice creams are really light so I can keep eating a lot of them. I think the most I have eaten in one day is ten pieces and at least two pieces, I remember I used to eat a lot as a kid but I know I’m hooked again.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lol… aham shay you did a photo shoot for it :-P

  2. it was my favourite too. It doesn’t taste as good now. I think orange flavour still tastes the same

  3. my fave used to be the orange… then habait with the banana… and then the toot…. now I can’t have it anymore…. !!!

    Bs LOVING the photoshoot ;)

  4. Allaaaaaaaaah.. [[FLASH BACK]] Childhood memories, i love the bananaaaaaa

  5. lol yeah really is great! I like those “barrid mothalat”. I usually go that too – go home watch tv or anime but I make some tea and there’s usually cake or sweet around, so I munch down on that!

  6. mustafa

    bananna one is the best….

    and I thought you wanted to lose weight?

  7. I’m not a big fan of this kind of ice cream at all. I dunno, it feels I’m eating artificial flavored substances with frozen water…which kinda is.

  8. Zabo0o6a

    i’m drooling now want to lick the screen :/
    btw what happened to ur diet? :P

  9. I knew there was something missing… that explains a lot!

  10. Q8 In Denver

    Marzouq !! u just ate an expired ice cream ! :p check the date! :p expired since 04 :p

  11. Ansam: loool! Had to!

    pearls: I agree, it has changed and orange is the best!

    Hamitaf La B: looool! Happy you enjoying the photos! hehehe!

    Purplecious: hehehe! Not that much of a fan of banana!

    N: Anime + Toot = Relaxing! hehehe!

    Q80-ChillGirll: I agree!

    mustafa: nope, Raspberry and Orange by far! Shhhh.. I’m sneaking these in! hehehe

    Angelo: I love these only!

    Zabo0o6a: It didn’t really start! lol

    eshda3wa: I love em! You have Wells which is pretty good!

    c&n: lol, what does it explain?

    Q80 In Denver: Its 09, 04 is April.. when they made it!

  12. 1. they are no where light, you are probably better off melting sugar in water and drinking that :p

    2. why do u have them on a plate?

    Can you tell that trying to eat healthy is getting to me!!! -_-

    Bil3afyaaa :D i am just feeling a bit jealous ;)

  13. Laialy: Its ice water!!! Why not on a plate? loool! I can tell! Alah e3afeech! hehehe

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