A Light Bite

Well I consider it a light bite, I was sort of hungry but I had a very late lunch. I was craving ice cream so I went and got me some 31 Baskin Robins. It was one the best 4 scoops of Chocolate Chip I have had in a long time. I was watching some Star Trek Enterprise while eating these scoops, and they just disappeared once I was done with the show and it was really good. Ice cream isn’t the healthiest thing at the end of the night but it felt damn good!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!



    Try getting pints from Sultan Center… I don’t know if they still have Ben & Jerry’s… “Everything But”… mmmmmmmmmm

  2. jewaira

    Marzouq, Marzouq
    It’s mouthwatering..
    I was gonna make a naughty comment till I saw the rest of the photos and you’re absolutely right.

  3. Good thing u didn’t take 20+ pics like u do with motorbikes…the scoops would’ve melted :P … bil3afya

  4. I had some yesterday tooooooo hehehehe

  5. 10yrs ago Baskin Robbins had mouth-watering ice-cream bars… but they stopped selling them … Why? :( I loved them and now I’ve been looking for them all over the place and can’t find them! :(

  6. mustafa

    since when is 4 scoops light?!?!?!

  7. IS-F Man (ALD)

    Damn son…

  8. hehe bil3afyaa
    I am dieting or trying to that is LOL, i Really don’t diet I just try to eat better

  9. i love baskin robbins..3awafii..loooks goood! bs laish killa nafs il flavor ?;P

  10. Great!

    Now, I’m craving ice cream in the middle of the night. Damn you Marzouq and your high-res shots.

  11. ex-swimmer

    7raam 3leek ya akhy ga3d asa3bil now … shakli b9kek 3een :P … La yelaah ela alla 3Leek bel 3afya :)

  12. Kim

    Why is it that all things bad for you feel so damn good? At least there are worse vices out there than being addicted to ice cream :)

  13. try ice cream world, they’re so good and they deliver too

  14. Hamitaf La B: 31 o bes!

    Amu: Alah e3afeek!

    jewaira: hehehe! I know how to give you a close up! lol

    Buckeye 23: Thats true, I wanted to eat right away! hehehe!

    Ansam: good! :)

    blasha: thanks.

    Disturbed Stranger: No clue, I don’t remember them!

    mustafa: since I ate 10 before! loool

    IS-F Man: Afa 3alaik!

    Laialy: That is the thing with me, I don’t know how to eat better!

    eshda3wa: very nice!

    Bebe & Noonie: alah e3afeech! I don’t like mixing ice creams!

    Q80-Chill Girl: hehehe, sorry!

    Angelo: loool! No problem!

    ex-swimmer: hehehehe!alah e3afeek!

    Kim: very true!

    pearls: 31 does it for me! hehehe

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