Tiffany Turbo Ti Accessories

For once Tiffany has come up with something original with this design. Sterling silver gears embedded into titantanium giving it a very solid and clean look. This is something I would expect from Porsche Design, but it seems Tiffany has gotten something right.

Link: Tiffany

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  1. jewaira

    Bold and classy

  2. They look pretty neat. Chopard has some really nice pieces for men that are a little more bold and for the younger crowd

  3. They are truly awesome…. a true rise of style for Tiffany -men line-
    LOVE the cuff links

  4. noonie & bebe: I think Tiffany is dated, but this is better!

    jewiara: I agree!

    Laialy: interesting!

    Ansam: very nice for a change!

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