External Hard Drive

A lot of people use external hard drives for one thing or another, I tend to fill up some people external drives with Anime or TV Shows. Monichum dropped off his external since I have gotten him addicted to Anime. He has the Western Digital Portable External HD which is about 120 GB, enough for the shows, anime, and music that he wants to store. As I was using the WD I heard a clicking noise, I hate clicking noises with external HD’s, when that happened I listened very closely to make sure I wasn’t wrong, but then there was a clicking noise and the explorer window accessing it froze. I knew that something is very wrong with the drive, after a few trys I managed to drag 80 GB off the disk and lost about 20% of it, I was just lucky. I always liked the slim look of the WD but i kept hearing how much they fail, and now it did.

I tend to be very skeptical of external drives or drives overall because if it fails then thats a disastor. After looking around I decided that one of the better external drive after looking around online, I was between the Seagate and the Simpletech, and they only the Simpletech drive available in the local market so we picked up the 250 GB Simpletech Pininfarina External Portable drive for 36 KD and it is pretty good with a nice slim look to it.

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  1. Dodo

    hey from were u got this Simpletech Pininfarina in BLUE!! i have red color from sultan center!
    abi blue abi abi abi :p

  2. I have SimpleTECH so far it is awesome and excellent performance.

  3. Dodo: Soft Island in Hawalli, opposite walla complex.

  4. So you planning on starting ‘anime drive’ anytime soon? we’ll drop off our HDs and pick em up to catch up on some anime!

  5. QueenB

    Hi it seems like you know a bit about external hard drives and I wanted some help with mine. I recently dropped my external hard drive and ever since, I can’t seem to access anything on it. It makes a clicking sound whenever I plug the usb in and windows doesn’t recognize it :( any idea how I can recover the data stored in it?

    Thanks :)

  6. Never thought that one day YOU would listen to THE GAME :-D

  7. moocherx

    Carrefour at the Avenues seems to be having some kind of Buffalo promo at the moment. Last weekend I bought 2 x 250GB shock-resistant mini-drives and they were either 34 or 36KD each, I forget. They also had 120’s, plus of course the powered Drive Stations up to 500GB.

  8. Laialy: Cause the brother was good! lol

    Dodo: Different sizes are different colors!

    N: yup!

    Mark: They are everywhere in hawally and available now in Carrefour

    Shaymaa: If you are looking for something speicifc, I could help! :)

    QueenB: Check out Professional Computers, they are your best bet to fix things!

    nbq: Never tried the Buffalo.

    G-Funk: All the time! heheh

    moocherx: Carrefour seems to be having deals on these drives moving them very quickly!

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