Tristar – Italian Week @ Avenues

Now this turned out to be interesting event, I went into work early Friday morning to finish up a few things. After that I got a call from the guys that they are heading to Avenues for breakfast, I got there around 10:30 am and we decided to eat at Pauls. Pauls has good service but bad service which is a bit annoying, I noticed that there were Italian flags all over the Avenues but I thought they just made a mistake and forgot the black part of the Kuwaiti flag, but turned out it was a full on Italian Event. Then my friends tell me they saw a couple of Ducatis in the mall so I had to investigate.

Turns out there were some Ducatis, Maseratis, and Ferraris inside the mall. I was admiring the machines these kids were all over the machines and it was really annoying since they didn’t have any idea what they were scratching. There was a couple of Ducatis, a Hypermotard, Monster, 1098, and the Limited Edition Bimota. Its very nice that they do these types of events in the mall.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. WOOOW!! i didnt get to see that ;/ bs i like the bikes theyre really cool ! i bet u were so happy to see them ;P lol! i love the cars also;) thnx for the post ;P really cool stuff

  2. I was there this morning too! hahah, at that same time actually. Why do they have rose petals under the bikes!

  3. i sooo need to check out the hypermotard

  4. concerned biker

    yeah the rose petals are so gay especially with such machines as the ducatis .. tristar, lose the petals please!

  5. The event organizer is probably a woman

  6. Stupid petals!!!
    What’s next, moisturisers for bikers?

  7. im never in kuwait when cool stuff is going on..
    man that must have been the sexiest display ever!

  8. jewaira

    Nice photos as usual Marzouq

  9. noonie & bebe: No prob, yup I was very happy to see them!

    N: I have no clue! Look for a guy carrying a big camera! lol

    Laialy: hehe, you are excused!

    Mark: Its a fun bike!

    concerned biker: I hope they get the message!

    vampire: And the ugliest color!

    pearls: I doubt it!

    Kodder: lol

    eshda3wa: It was a very nice display to say the least!

    jewaira: Thanks! :)

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