2012 BMW M6 – Rendering Speculation

When I first read the title I jumped at the link thinking that it really is the new M6, it was odd since this isn’t the usual way BMW announces new designs of their flagship vehicle. Turns out it is just a speculation and when I saw it I was a bit disappointed. The person who rendered this interesting looking vehicle did an excellent job with his interpretation of the new look, but I doubt the new M6 will look like this. I like the sleek lines and long look of the machine since the current M6 is quite large but I can tell their are a few missing details that any BMW lover would notice right away. It is more on a technical aspect but it does play a huge role, fist off the brakes have to be slotted and drilled, quad exhaust, and M slit down the side. These are small touches but they are what differentiates the M from the other BMW vehicles, still very interesting.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I drive a 645Ci… its not really as large as one might think.. the Bangle Butt might make it look a bit bumpy or heavy on the rad, but its very agile – believe me, i proved it several times on Emriates Road ;)

  2. marzouq al bahar

    cool dude

  3. momo

    2012!!! I dont think so, sure they will change alot

  4. I’d still Rather get an MB over a BM

  5. it loos pretty hot like french vanilla ice-cream ^_^

  6. KTDP: Lol

    Disturbed Stranger: loool! Just enjoy!

    moryarti: Its good but it is heavy for sure!

    marzouq: cool

    momo: like I said, some things might be possible.

    G-Funk: no way

    Laialy: lol

  7. abdualrhman

    that car is beatyful
    and i liked

  8. Uran

    M6 i’ts my dream :S

  9. NurFaisyah

    i like this photographs of your car…awesome…very good

  10. jftfd

    this is a super car

  11. okashi

    lamborghini of bmw

  12. the deluxe exclusive car.wonderful!

  13. Musti

    One of the Hottest car… Sexyyyyyyyyyy

  14. hadi

    woow is cool! i love it

  15. R32 Twinturbo

    What a beautiful`~!

  16. heinz mirza

    The current M6 is a fantastic car. Better for the everyday commute than a DB9 or the Porsche Turbo.The best ergonomics of all. And Mercs are for the older guys….trust me, I had them all. The new M6 must do a lot to improve on the current one.

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