Krugger Motorcycles

Now this is one unique machine, if I’m not mistaken it is built with a Buell engine and pretty much everything else is custom made. The rims are from a V-Rod but the body parts are hand crafted meant for use in high speed tests. The look of this machine tickles my curiousity, I wonder how it handles and feels, wouldn’t mind getting my leg over one but since its custom there probably won’t be that many of them on the road.

Link: Krugger

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  1. Q8 In Denver

    Don’t you think it has the looks of the New Batman Vehicle?

    still, it looks cool :)

  2. jewaira

    More fancy boy toys.
    It looks sturdy and like you stepped back in time

  3. I think its beauty is in its symmetry

  4. here is my comment…
    I think it handles very badly.
    The wheel base is so long, that the only purpose of it is going straight and fast.
    cornering wise, it will be extremely bad.
    and they are taking a picture on a salt lake…it enforces that this motorcycle is meant from straight high speed.

  5. Q80 In Denver: It does have some similarity!

    jewaira: It has a retro look to it!

    3baid: yup!

    Laialy: I think it looks retro!

    Kodder: Very nice attention to detail!

  6. American Spirit

    That is flat out bad ass!

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