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I tend to like kids, especially the naughty ones, not the brats. I have this connection with my nephew since he is bit a naughty kid, I tend to think that he has followed in my foot steps. So we get a long very nicely and I can’t help finding him to be very funny. He tends to break a few things, have some chocolate and enjoy himself. I can’t get that angry at him, but I do tell him not to hit his sister. The best part is that I think he enjoys myself more then most people in the room.

When it comes to my niece its a totally different story, she is cutest little thing I have seen. I enjoy seeing her walking around and taking items which she finds interesting. For some reason she likes dragging my laptop bag even though its half her size. I think I only manage to get her interest when I’m eating Raspberry KDD Ice Cream, and I react right away when I hear Baba. I think she just says it and walks away, on her list I’m probably towards the bottom.