Megalopolis Executive

I was looking for a good motorcycle back pack and their a few in mind. It would have to be extremely durable and can carry any weight comfortable on my back. After a little research I’m surprised to find this back pack to be ideal for my needs, and an added bonus to be a certified CE back protector, meaning if you fall it will not only protect the items in the back pack but your pack as well.

Price: 199 Euros

Link: Boblbe-e

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. It looks nice, but still if you have someone sitting behind you wouldn’t the lower part of the backpack get in the way? or why is it designed like that?

  2. jewaira

    Looks pretty sturdy

  3. NnN

    hay for the horses to eat

  4. Sushi

    Dunno why this reminded me of an ice cream scooper. Its huge. Besides, if you fall smila 3alaik this looks like it will break ur back in opposed to protecting it lol

  5. N: The pressure is spread out so that you don’t feel it as you ride!

    jewaira: Yup, it will protect you in a crash!

    Disturbed Stranger: online!

    Ruby Redux: lol

    NnN: what? lol

    Sushi: It is flat across your back so no worries! O Inshalla I would never have to test it, but if I do I would rather have it!

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