Surf Chair

Now this looks like a strangely comfortable chair, not necessarily because of the padding but the angle at which you look at the screen. I’m one of those people that spends hours in front of the screen watching anime, tv shows, and other things on the PC that doesn’t require my direct interaction except when I’m going to the next episode, and this would be interesting to try out.

Link: coroloft

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    Amazing design

  2. It probably wouldn’t fit well.. but it does look aesthetically pleasing!

  3. Flann

    wow, what a design!

  4. Why don’t humans stop their wars and fights and focus on making everything look like this and speeding the process of human and technology revolution so we can have a life free of cancer and get free electricity and cars that don’t need any fuel instead of free bullets in our heads and blood everywhere? If people just stop and think for a moment the world will change.

  5. Ansam: Its cool

    jewaira: Very!

    N: Its just different!

    Laialy: It might be deceiving!

    3baid: It might be alittle rough!

    rashisha: but where to fit it!

    Flan: lol

    The M Code: War make money, and they want money.

  6. maryam

    just needs wheels and khalas no need to get out of it at all ;)

  7. maryam: lol! Don’t know if that would work!

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