KTM RC8 1190, Ducati 1098 and Buell 1125R

Now this turns out to be interesting, they pitted three V-Twins against each other. The images themselves are beautiful but I wish they had an MV Agusta instead of the ugly Buell. I think Buell’s are not the best of motorcycles and are still sluggish so there was no reason to have it in this comparison, mentioned in the article that the Buell always feels outdated and doesn’t give you confidence when riding the machine on the road.

But I am extremely curious as to how the KTM and Ducati will be since they are in direct competition. I just love the color of both the Ducati and KTM, they both have character but very different intentions when building these machines. The Ducati is described a stiff and precise, a very race oriented machine. The KTM is described a more comfortable machine for long trips with an agile suspension such as the Ducati. The KTM and Ducati are very similar in lots of aspects yet different goals were mind when they were building these machines.

Link: faster&faster

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  1. Is the post incomplete? Those are actually all very cool lookin!

  2. N: Fixed it, thanks!

    Buckeye23: Me too, a really nice pic!

  3. punky

    KTM have taken way to long to get this bike in stores! my next bike is either a supermoto or a 600 super sport. I am kind of torn, the problem is KTM make a great SM but bloody expensive,and the japanese 600’s are making so much power these days and are really well priced! I just want a bike i can man handle, and you can use every last bit of power with both! Something i can’t do with my 1000cc V twins.

  4. Desmo

    Buell is full of bull…whats with huge ram air on the sides…is it running a jet engine ;-)

    KTM is far more superior and fun to ride than the 1098 but TriStar will not get it because it will halt the sales of the 1098 and of course TriStar have target to meet with regards to Ducati sales.

    I believe the time has come that we see new European bike dealers, because i don’t think the DUCATI, KTM or BMW will agree to have the same dealer selling the three brands of the super bikes.

    That was not a problem until now especially with BMW lunch of its super bike, i heard that BMW bought MV Agusta and their new bike is the result of that deal.

  5. I want that cake on your flickre badge.
    Where did you get it from?
    How come you don’t have an e-mail?

  6. In the latest issue of fast bikes they had 4 vtwins pitted against each other, the 1098, 848, aprilla rsv or something and the ktm. ktm came first, 848 last.

    in last months issue of BIKE they had 1098 vs the ktm. i havent seen a 1098s vs ktm yet though…

  7. jewaira


  8. Joe Programmer

    Why does the french 1125 weigh 212Kgs. I weighed my American 1125 yesterday and it weighed 188Kgs. Whats up with that?

  9. Ducati_Loser

    The 1125R absolutely rocks… it certainly isn’t sluggish with 0-60 time of 2.8s.

    Like all Buells, it has a unique look (chacun son gout) but at least it is not pretentious like a Ducati.

    And, in French Top Twin racing, the 1125R has proven itself a match for the 1098R (at half the price).

  10. punky: I can understand what you mean with that! Sometimes you just want the right amount of power to use!

    Desmo: Tristar is bringing the machine for sure!

    BIE: Got it from Sugar & Spice in Shuweikh! My email is [email protected]

    Mark: Its going to be interesting how they put these machines against each other!

    Jewaira: yup!

    Joe Programmer: Probably weight filled up with gas!

    Desmo: interesting!

    Ducati_Loser: I doubt its at 2.8s, I’m not sure this is the case!

  11. rock doc

    Very nice bikes (Buell included)! Anyone who knocks the buell lacks imagination. It is an extremely unique bike. It is really doing well locally at the track too.

    Oh yeah, the price is a little easier to swallow.
    I love em all. Looking forward to riding the new Benelli Cafe Racer this week-end. I’m slowly working my way down my dream list.

  12. Blue Ice Envy, they’re not air rams, they’re radiators.

  13. colin

    i have ridden many bikes and am a true enthusiast. i currently own an 1125r and can say that it is hands down the most fun i have ever had on a bike. its different, easy to handle, comfortable, and at the same time, extremely fast and can tear through corners. buell is different for sure, but inevators always are.

  14. Cliff

    The “article”, if you can even call it that, at faster&faster is about as vague and half-assed as you can get. I’d certainly be taking everything they implied with a grain of salt. I don’t own an 1125R, but I think it’s an interesting bike. A lot of people don’t dig the scoop “pods”, but they’re about as functional a piece as you can get. They’re not JUST air scoops, they’re also designed to be dirt cheap crash protection for the frame and engine case. And considering the fact that Buell is universally recognized to build some of the best corner-handling bikes on the planet, I’m thinking maybe the bike was simply more responsive than the rider was prepared for. ;)

  15. It’s a comparison of V-Twins. Exactly how many V-Twins does MV Agusta make??? Sheesh!

  16. Thomas duvall

    I own a base 1098 and my best friend has a 1125R. I have rode the Buell a few times and I have to say that it is the best bang for the buck between the two. I will always own a duck but maybe add the Buell one day too. We both purchased are bike’s brand new and I payed a little over six thousand more for my bike than he did. Ouch!

  17. Dichard

    Having owned a Duc 1098 and now owning i buell 1125r i can say that the buell is the better bike. Its handles like a real motorcycle should. The Duc is like riding on a skateboard with a 2×4 for a seat. Buell has finally naild down all the little pre release probs and its the best bike ive owned.

  18. Richard

    Look at the third pic… riders pointing at the buell. im assuming they are talking about how great the bike is. Clearley the editor knows crap about Buells. He probly never rode one and hates that they are becoming more and more reconized. Love my buell.

  19. father of an ERA

    I raced a Mustange Cobra on my 1125r and had to keep slowing down to allow the Cobra to catch up. Yeah, the Buell is fast! 2.8 is accurate too. I got to say though, I do love the new KTM. Not to fond of the Duck to ride but they are great to look at. And for those who think the 1125r is a slow machine, this morn I smoke a GSX on thr freeway. She is not a slow bike, just easy to ride!

  20. John may

    Anyone who slags Buell with as little info as this person obviously has needs there head read. Apart from the value aspect, consider the innovative design, the handling and lack of unnecessary crap.
    The best bike i have owned, Perhaps its just jealosy.

  21. sandmacker

    I went for the Buell.Is there anything for the price that will match it? And I think it looks great. Looks hard and goes hard.

  22. Rookie

    The 1125r Is a great bike plain and simple!!!

  23. Robb

    Really. You hate the buell and your next comment is about the colors? Idiot. I bought a brand new buell 1125r at Harley close out prices for 5200 bucks. 5200, you can’t find a new bike that fast, at that price. Sorry it’s not a pretty orange color. Idiot.

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