LEGO Johnny-5

I have seen some really cool LEGO pieces, I don’t think there is a person out there that doesn’t appreciate the creativity behind it. The person who worked on this model made the most realistic looking Johnny 5 model I have ever seen, it looks like an exact replica from Short Circuit. All thats left is the voice box and him to start moving around after a lightning strike.

Link: OhGizmo

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Not Dead Yet

    “Number 5…Disassemble…Number 5…Disassemble…”

    This brings back memories!

  2. The M Code: Those were cool as hell back in the day! What was the name of the show??

    Disturbed Stranger: lol, I used to build the advance ones but I did need instructions!

    Not Dead Yet: loool!

  3. Not Dead Yet

    Seriously? u forgot Sanshiro?

  4. maryam

    LEGO … Love their products … that’s what I get my lil bros these days to get them off their online battle games

  5. Not Dead Yet: lol! There we go!

    maryam: that is the only way!

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