Scorpion Sportscar

Now this is an interesting machine, when people want progress this is it. A sports that is partly powered by gasoline and the other part hydrogen. There won’t be a hydrogen tank in the vehicle so no hydrogen refill is necessary instead there will be water tank, and when the car is running it will produce electricity, and a current will go through the water to produce hydrogen which is mixed with the gasoline to produce an extremely more effecient car. With this type of technology it will produce 40 miles to the gallon which fantastic.

It has a Acura 3.5 Vtech motor with 280-horsepower stock, or 450-horsepower with a twin turbo option. The car has a 6-speed manual transmission. 200 orders of this machine have already been taken and each one is selling for $150’000. 200 are supposed to be produced in 2008 and 500 by 2009 I think its ambitious but if this vehicle is successful its going to sell like crazy.

Link: Crave

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. That looks amazing in black, it’s behind is just so cute

  2. It does look very impressive

  3. vampire: me too!

    jewaira: yup!

    Laialy q8: looool!

    N: Its aggressive!

  4. Sooo Hot!

    We need the HHO technology put on all U.S. vehicles!


    Ok….the question I have is…Where do I go to refuel my hydrogen if I live in Southern California?

    I haven’t seen any Hydrogen fuel depot..I seen ALOT in West Germany though.

  6. matt wheeler

    I work for ronn motor company, this is not a fuel cell system the car makes hydrogen with hydrogen generator on board.You will have to fill a water tank thats it. These guys have been working very hard on this you should check it out more

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