52 Hours

Since coming back from work on Thursday I haven’t really left the house except for a few things that needed to get done, and some work on Friday morning. Overall there was no reason to leave the house, the weather has been very strange the past week. It has been and getting dustier at different times of the day, I wonder when this is going to change. Even if its hot I wanted to go riding over the weekend but it was still damn dusty. The heat isn’t the problem, the main problem is that dust, it turns the road into a slip and slide situation. I just hope we are done with all this dust, I’m looking forward to a change. Over the weekend I just caught up with my shows, watched a lot of anime, and was reading a good book.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yes the weather is horrible, i really love the picture and the very vibrant colours!

  2. Now that is one amazing room! The library is insanely beautiful and the couch ultra comfortable!

  3. Sweet! I did that too, finished Samurai Champloo so got that out of the way. Don’t you just enjoy being forced to stay in and watch stuff cause of the weather heh.

  4. jewaira

    I’m getting to like the dusty weather now…it feels like we’re in a movie when walking about outside

  5. LOL telling me about it. My mom was like “I think it would have more ideal if I came to Colorado instead of you coming to dusty Kuwait”.

    Hmmm, a good book you say? It’s been long since you reviewed a book, so don’t be too secretive. Share it with us ASAP :P

  6. I wish I could say the same thing about my weekend except mine was spent out of da house :(

    I saw that pic on a furniture blog i follow and i just love the arrangement it is so soothing to see the books that way aint it!

  7. I wish my reference books were that colorful… lol, well they are with all the highlighting done on inside!

    hmmm, I think I’ll use my spare time to design new covers…*thinking*

  8. Flana: Beautiful colors!

    Jacqui: I would like to see this room for sure!

    N: I do enjoy that for sure!

    Ansam: Makes no sense that it kept going for so long!

    pearls: yup!

    jewaira: feels like a movie that just won’t end!

    Angelo: lol! I will put up the book I’m reading! soon!

    Laialy: Its reall nice seeing thhe books that way!

    Shaymaa: loool! Redesigning the covers to fit the look, that would be interesting for sure!

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