Review: Star Trek Enterprise

I have had this series for over two years and really didn’t feel compelled to start it, and now I regret not seeing it earlier. In less then a month and half I went through all four season of Enterprise, from season to season it just got better and better. Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) is the best captain of any Star Trek series I have seen, he was a developing Captain, from idealist to having made decisions that changed his outlook.

The full crew of the Star Ship pulls you in, Trip the Chief Engineer with his wit and his stubbornness to give up, T’Pol with her Vulcan Logic and her acceptance of human ways, Leutinant Reed the stiff Tactical Officer who found himself more and more attached to his captain, Dr. Flox one of the most interesting characters of the ship and a Doctor who lived by his ethics and took care of his patients, Hoshi the communications officer who had knack for figuring out other languages, and Ensim Mayweather who piloted the ship like no other.

There were parts when the show kept you on your toes, you could see the development of Star Fleet and how many of details of future of Star Fleet in these missions. The best part was hearing the hints such as “This is the beginning of The Final Frontier” or “I wonder whats going to happen with the Next Generation”, “To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before”. The last episode left me with a feeling of nostalgia, it felt strange to hear the voice of Captain Jean Luc Pecard, it felt good, something was right about this. Who ever said that this is the worst series of Star Trek was completely wrong, this shows the development of Star Fleet and the Federation, how things came together, this show ended on the right note but I wish there was more.

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  1. DeReD

    T’POL was just sizzling on the show… She was one HOT vulcan!!

    Live Long and Prosper Marzouq!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more, this series was really good. It’s strange that several people I know thought it was terrible. I don’t get that at all.

  3. We loved Enterprise, the Captain and all of the crew. Your comments are well thought out and we agree with all of them. Unfortunately, there was no one at the studio that would support ENT. Most of the audience is on the internet and Paramount didn’t know how to tap into that. A lot of fans went to the internet and are trying to satisfy their ENT fix by writing fan fiction: or

    Hope you can join us for the wonderful crew chemistry and adventures!

  4. DeReD: Thanks! U too!

    Bryan: I don’t get it either, I thought it was excellent!

    Peter: I hope it comes back again somehow, with this chemistery and crew!

  5. Juan

    I am absolutely hooked on Enterprise. Dr. Flox is one of my favorite characters.

    It’s a shame it was canceled.

  6. james

    i agree enterprise was a terrific series but i think there’s been a long stretch of star trek spinoffs…and although enterprise was better than all of them people were trekked out.
    it should have had several series and a movie or two

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