Curved Bookshelves

Triptyque designed this space ship looking bookshelf for a urban apartment in San Paulo, Brazil. This bookshelf system serves the whole apartment from normal books, to important items, to the entertainment system at the other end. It gives the apartment a different form and feel which I can appreciate.

If there is one thing that I love when it comes to furniture its bookshelves, and this one turned out to be one of the strangest yet interesting bookshelf I have seen. I just like to organize my books, dvds, and other times to a specific pattern that only makes sense to me, its something to do with organized chaos.

Link: io9 (Thanks nibaq)

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  1. Photocopy a Duck Feather

    Very cool ! Makes you wish you had a big room with them shelves to put all the books you want.

  2. It really looks awesome… Im loving the design of the whole place… its very yummy!!

  3. Photocopy a Duck Feather

    Yummy? Girl you need to cut the diet, you’re starting to lust over shelves.

  4. not for everyone I must say! WOW! its brilliant piece of art! I love it, would be awesome for a store, like a cafe/bookstore or so!

  5. Photocopy: Yup, that would be really cool!

    Hamitaf: I agree, and you can only put cool books!

    Photocopy: loool!

    pearls: yup, it takes up the whole place!

    Ansam: yup, it would be very nice! But I like the whole apartment look!

    Laialy: very cool!

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