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Out of No Where

These dusty days have been slowing things down a bit, and it isn’t the best days to be out. I’m a bit annoyed at the weather but there wasn’t much to do about it. I wanted to just stay home, do nothing, watch a lot of anime and relax. That is how the pace was going but I had an 8:00 pm meeting for work and hopeful that it wouldn’t take more then 1.5 hours.

At around 7:55 pm I got a call telling me there is a huge problem at a certain site and it needs to be solved post haste. That pretty much ruined my night, I was working for a couple of hours, and I was on the phone shouting my head off trying to get all the facts straight so I know what steps to take next. Its the worst thing possible when that sucker punch comes out of no where, and these days there have been a lot of sucker punches at work, I have managed to bring those numbers down just so we can organize all that is going on but it is annoying trying to diffuse every situation and make sure things go smoothly from that point forward. This is going to be a long couple of weeks.