Tired & Lazy

Its been long days at work and my brain is exhausted. I feel like I ran a marathon, I can’t seem to keep my eyes open, so I came back home late in the evening and all I want to do is watch anime.

At this moment this is the simple train of thought going through my head:

  • Sleep – Its too early
  • Watch Anime – Will fall asleep
  • Ice Cream – Too far away
  • Go Out – Not happening
  • Be Productive – Not today

I wish I had at least 5 more hours to just do nothing and relax, but at this point I don’t think I can keep my eyes open, its just one of those days.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. maryam

    know the feeling … especially this weather isn’t helping at all !!! will it be over anytime soooon ???

  2. jewaira

    Time out. You have got to recharge

  3. I swear its the weather… it drains out all or any energy that anyone has in their body!!!

  4. awwww! :-( I hope you get outta this soon! Take a break and relax. You really need that Marzouq! I hope things cool down for you!

  5. My little sister was watching anime yesterday :P

  6. Thats exactly how i felt yesterday… i ended up fallin asleep at 6:30 till almost 9…

  7. hope you got a good amount of sleep. I know how that feels

  8. ice cream world tel: 2644878/2641626.

    they deliver, try their mango ice cream

  9. maryam: We still don’t know!

    hammoodee: lol

    jewaira: One is very much needed!

    Hamitaf: yup, it does!

    Ansam: thanks! I do need a break soon!

    Sunshine: yay!

    Rashisha: Those are nice naps!

    Laialy: Still needed more!

    pearls: 31BR, thats what I need! hehehe

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